Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new year has begun

It was great to be away from work for more than 2 weeks - I realized that's the longest break Ive had in almost 6 years! and that was only while I was between jobs! I am back to work already, but thankfully this is a short week since we had Monday off. I can feel the difference in my stress levels, it's like the looming deadline of year end is gone and we have an almost clean slate for the new year.

Work is quiet - you can get things done which is welcome and tomorrow is our Thursday Stitch n B--ch lunch hour and even though a few people will be out - I have already been advised by one new avid crocheter that she will be there tomorrow. I have been ordered to bring in what I did over Christmas break to show.

So what did I do... well I worked almost 11 skeins into a new afghan and am about halfway through a baby blanket. Last night I worked on some crochet flowers but now have switched to yo yo flowers which I think are a lot more fun! I made up a half dozen in assorted fabrics tonight and tomorrow we will be looking at them and I have to decide to go ahead or change it up again!! These are really cute with a vintage button stitched in the center . I think I am committed so this weekend I will have to dive into the garage to get to the big antique button box I inherited about 20 years ago. That is a treasure trove!

I am also busy thinking ahead to the quilt retreat I am going to in April. After driving down for Christmas I didn't think I would want to do it again but it is easier to take my sewing machine etc by driving and if it works out I will be picking up a friend in Ky on the way down and bring her back so I will company for much of the way! We might also room together too which should be fun. Other than DH I can't remember the last time I shared a room with a friend! Taking my car will also allow me to get over to see the family or do other shopping there is some great shopping in Charlotte and I did not have nearly enough time in December!

well That's about it - I just wanted to drop in before the new year got too far underway. I;
'll post some projects soon. I promise...

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julieQ said...

Those breaks are just so wonderful, aren't they? Love that time off!!