Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whew!! Finally back!

Been a while since I posted - I was out of commission for a few weeks with a nasty respiratory infection and then was away for 5 days in Seattle to attend my nephew's HS graduation. So much has happened I think I'll have to abridge it.

The carpet is all done in the basement, now we just need to hang 4 doors and finish moving in the furniture and 'stuff' from the garage.

I am not yet sewing in my new quilt studio, but hope to do that within the next few weeks. I am moving things down, just no time for sewing right now.

The trip to Seattle was wonderful, spending time with my family always is. I almost cried during the graduation it was a wonderful ceremony delivered primarily by the students. So much talent it was awesome. I also made it to Pike's Place Market and spent a little time in Undercover Quilts a bountiful quilt shop in the market. Came home with some lovely Aussie fabrics and a really rich batik (lots of that) !! I was able to see the home my brother is closing on next week, it's very nice I think it will be perfect for him and since it's new construction all the work is outside which Fred really enjoys. It will be a challenge but I am sure it will be great! My flight was cancelled on the way home due to tornadoes in the midwest, so I actually spent an extra evening with the family and I really enjoyed that.

I'm attaching my first picture here of a wallhanging I am mailing to NC today to be raffled off on July 1 as a fundraiser for McDonald House Charities. It was a charity challenge on the quilting message board so there are actually 22 small quilts being raffled. Reportedly the winning tickets will be pulled by 'hunky' local firemen! The challenge was called Life is a Bowl of Diamonds and the challenge required that we each pick an item for our 'bowl' , we could use only black, white and colored fabric related to our item, and we had to use diamonds somewhere in the quilt. My diamonds are appliqued for the flower petals. The water and black background are both batiks from bali and it is created in the sashiko style of quilting with white thread hand stitching against the black to create movement. The border is swirled print from Kona Bay that mimics the sashiko. and the flowers centers are tiny beads in varying shades of blues.

Well - That's it for today! More soon - as it happens! Thanks for the visit!

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Debbie said...

wow - that is absolutely amazing and gorgeous - I love the colours - you have an amazing talent there...