Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Day Older - but a lot more accomplished!

Took off work on Tuesday for my birthday, Stephen was also off work, and DH, Mark took the day off to spend it with us. The carpet finally came in on Monday so I picked it up Monday evening along with the finish nail gun and more oak trim. We all got up early and were back at work just after 8 am Tuesday morning. Staining, carpet laying, installing trim - we were in great shape when the couches arrived at noon. A little more finish work and we were off to run errands and go pick up our new TV. We decided on a Sharp 52" LCD. Got it in the house just before the rain started and into place within minutes. It is a wonderful addition to the family room and I have already enjoyed it almost ever night since. We went out to dinner at a local char-house where I indulged in a big filet mignon dinner. I don't eat red meat very often, so it was a change.

Now I am struggling with the need to find storage for the quilt room and get moved in while up against several deadlines for charity quilts to be delivered. I shopped last night on the way home and will do the same again tonight and hopefully make some decisions and purchases.

It's hard to get going with everything scattered.

Stephen is at the ACEN convention this weekend, he hauled out about 5:30 this morning to start getting ready and we had a gaggle of young people in the driveway when I headed out for the office at 6:30. Stephen took my van so they could all car-pool together and keep down the cost of parking. So I have his car for the first time. It's rather nice driving a sedan, though it does feel smaller in the cabin space than my usual passenger van.

Tomorrow is the MD-1 Lions State convention in Itasca. so another busy weekend, and then next weekend more busy-ness with the in-laws arriving back from Florida and wanting to get together for May Birthdays and Mark's birthday on Friday - still no shopping done for that! OOPS!!! Something else for the list!!!!

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Debbie said...


Sounds like it is all coming to plan - you may like this blog - it has loads of useful craft storage ideas and I can send you links for other sites I have found...

Deb xx