Monday, May 12, 2008

No carpet yet!

Worked our tails off all weekend - including an extended trip to the local HD to pick up the carpet tiles that were supposed to be in on Friday - only to be told they were not in. Called again this morning and the Customer Service rep this time tells me they couldn't have come in on Friday - Holland doesn't deliver on Friday (the trucking firm). So someone is jerking me around again, and as frustrating as it is, we have a backup plan and will not delay the remaining work.

We finished installing the wall to wall carpeting in my quilt studio - it's the loveliest shade of blue - sort of a Wedgewood blue - and will match one of the stripes in my victorian loveseat which I plan to put in the room. Right now the room is empty, so when the furniture comes tomorrow for the family room, since we have no carpet there, we can put it in my quilt studio. It will be an easy move through the double french doors after we do get the carpet installed.

No progress on furniture. Spent lots of time staining and polycoating the last of the trim and french doors so we will install those tomorrow. I did get some rest time on Mother's day, we ran errands and I picked up a couple of inspirational quilt magazine's at the book shop, then into the mall where I snagged a few great deals in the ladies department and got a new battery in my watch at the jewelers. I cooked dinner, which we ate in front of the TV and that was about it!

I was hoping to do some planting and yard work this weekend, but it rained quite a bit most of Sunday and the family room has to be our priority at this time. Maybe next week or the week after I will be able to come up with some time to do that! Of course we are booked for the next 3 weekends with Lions and Legion activities, but I will find the time somewhere.

Off to work now!

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