Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2 steps forward, 1 giant step back!

Spent most of the weekend working on the basement remodel, though I also squeezed in a haircut, pedicure and a little shopping. I finished painting and staining the trim and baseboards and we installed most of the trim on Sunday. We also installed the drop ceiling in the quilt studio, and picked up the wall to wall carpet for the quilt studio. I still have to stain and poly the door jambs and double french doors for the entrance to the quilt studio from the family room. That will be sometime this week.

Woke up Monday morning at 4:30 - unable to sleep any more - so at 5:15 got up and went down and in the next hour finished about 60 more feet of oak baseboard and was able to return the rented finish nail gun at 7 am on my way to work. I was planning to put in the wall to wall last night and the carpet tiles in main room this week so we could get furniture next week (maybe for my birthday?) but we got a call last night that the store we ordered our carpet from had received notice from the vendor that the matching broadloom (for stair runner) was discontinued and they had cancelled the whole order. I am simply livid after waiting for than 3 weeks to get that message, then being told we would have to re-place the order for the tiles and wait two weeks again. So I just called and reamed one of their managers and am expecting them to expedite the order. If I had a choice to get it somewhere else I would, but this is a custom style and color available only through this big-box retailer. We'll see what happens - but it looks like I will not be getting new furniture delivered on my birthday.

Work is good, family is good. My brother has just put an offer on a house out in the Seattle area, I am hoping he gets what he wants and that I will be able to see it when I head out there next month.

Today is my Nephew's birthday -

Happy 19th Freddie!!! Enjoy your last 'teenage' year!!

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