Thursday, January 1, 2009

RMHC Crayola quilt

There is an annual challenge on the HGTV quilt BB that challenges the quilters to try something new and results in the donation of quilts or wallhangings to be raffled for the benefit of Ronald McDonald House Charities. This year the recipient house is in Dallas. They are building a new wing and our fund-raising will go to that project. The challenge part for the quilters this year is that we were given three Crayola colors picked at random by the host's DH and those were the only colors we were to use in the quilt. You could go up and down the range of the color but not out of it. So I took the three crayons and colored on white paper, hard, medium, and soft and took that paper to the fabric shop. I made a traditional Amish block, which usually has one solid black half and the other half in colored stripes, but laid it out in a non-traditional setting to create the kaleidoscope effect in the centers and the burgundy star. It is a twin size quilt with the center quilted in burgundy thread in a simple meander and the outer border in a pale blue thread on top and burgundy on the back. I really enjoyed making this quilt and plan to make another larger one.

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