Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am going to HE _ _ !!!

If the road to perdition is paved with good intentions then this blog is definitely proof of where I am going.

I find nothing more annoying than finding a really interesting blogspot and then finding it has not been updated in ages!! and here I am guilty of the same - though I hesitate to infer my blogspot is anything more than a place to share my life and loves with family and friends.

Life has been incredibly busy aka stressful lately. Work is a rush and home and community just doesn't let up. Mark and I kept thinking it would quiet down after the holidays but it's just not happening! We are already planning what Lions conventions we will be attending this year, (I think we're limiting it to one night at District and two days at State but commuting from home for a change)then we want to fly out to Texas to see Thomas run a track meet, then back out to DFW the end of May for his graduation, so right now we are in the deciding on college and how to pay for it phase, Stephen is in college and on track, but he needs a part-time job since he has a GF that likes to eat but doesn't cook, and then there's the Legion activities - Spring Brunch, barbecue at North Chicago, Bags Tourney, Fish Fries, Steak Fry at the VA, and Lion's meeting and events like Senior picnic, Casino Night, Rose Festival, Taste of Roselle, on and on....

I've been to Boston again this month for work, just two days, but it was on warm days, so I got to enjoy a brisk walk along the river one night and a great seafood dinner at Legal Seafood in Cambridge.

My old mini-van finally bit the dust this weekend, the transmission went just 2.5 years after having a rebuild put in and just two weeks after another pricey repair to the transmission that in retrospect was not the problem after all!! So I got a new car this weekend - straight off the dealers lot a 2009 Hyundai Sonata Limited. It is beautiful!! Hyundai put in some new fuel efficiencies so hopefully it will perform better than our 2003 Sonata on gas. The 2009 is ranked higher than the Camry and Accord across the board, maintenance, fuel, size and features. I am loving the satellite radio, getting to listen to music from the BBC, and the steering wheel controls are fun! I have to stop looking at the odometer though I drive at least 60 miles a day so the miles are going on quickly!

I have been sewing but not finishing anything! I'll have to get a quilt done for my SIL for her new color scheme for her birthday this weekend, and I have one waiting to be quilted for my brother's living room, and this weekend I located the black batting to finally finish the Celtic quilt for Stephen. I'll try to get pictures as I finish them!

I did sign up for the Annual Scraps to Treasures challenge (picture of last entry below) so I will be pulling fabric from stash for that challenge soon though the quilt is not 'due' until September.

Raffle tickets are on sale for the Crayola Quilts - there were so many quilts and ticket sales have been slow so the odds are good of winning! Tickets will be on sale until end of June, so let me know if you are interested I can send you the link to the whole gallery of quilts that will be raffled.

That's it for today! More soon!

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