Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Magnolia

Most years in spring I snap a pictur eof my magnolia tree.  She is a beauty.  She is so big when I am in my shower on the top floor of the house (2 stories above ground) it feels like I am showering in the tree and in the spring when she is in bloom I am just awestruck by her pink beauty! 

Just for context that arborvitae in the background is at least 15 feet tall!! 
And half of my house two stories high is behind that three!


My brother has a magnolia at his house in Seattle too.  We swapped pictures one year as a challenge (look at mine!!  No!! look at mine! Mine's mine is!!  ) you know ...sibling rivalry .... but they are just wonderful trees and I hope anyone who has one treasures it as much as I do mine. 

The drop to our well is under the magnolia tree.  A few years ago we were having some well problems and the well man said he needed to trim the tree drastically to bring in a boom.  I told Mark we would be shutting down the well and having city water brought in before they would decimate my tree.

Do you feel this strongly about any of your trees? 

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