Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I just read a reference to a behavior pattern and I think it is really my problem.


So in computer speak - which is often used at my house  - you know binary is all ones and zeroes.  So you are either a one or a zero - there is no middle ground - there is no average - or moderation - just a one or a zero.

So when I am on to something (like a diet) (let's call this a one) - I am totally on it  - gung ho!!! - no stopping me!!! - eat no fat - eat no carbs - eat no sugar - !!!  

And then I hit a plateau or I burn out and I turn into a ZERO!!!!

and I am the other side of that coin - lay on the couch - want to do nothing - want to eat everything - I said 'Want' not going to do it - but I might just have some full fat salad dressing......

So at least there is a name for this behavior - now I just need to figure out if I want to change it or not....

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