Thursday, January 28, 2010

Minor Update

I am inspired daily by many of the blogs I read. I find it amazing that many people see the same image in daily life and yet perceive it differently. In work we have spent considerable time talking about intentions versus perceptions and how there can often be a gap between the two. Hmmm something to think about......again....

I have finished my Crayola quilt, and was going to mail it today but could not find my camera this morning. In the clearing of the LR and DR last weekend (getting ready for major re-paint) I put it in the kitchen cupboard with the drinking glasses so I would see it every day and know where it is - and now four days later - it is gone!! I will have to ask my DH tonight and get a picture before mailing the quilt tomorrow!

Tonight is our monthly Lion's Club meeting, Friday is something else going on I can't recall, Saturday is our annual Auxiliary Speakeasy dinner/dance and Sunday I prep for another diagnostic procedure to happen on Monday. As much as I hate the procedures I get rewarded with pancakes afterwards so I am looking forward to my trip to IHOP Monday afternoon!

I was reminded today of what a small world we live in. The nurse calling to pre-screen my meds for Monday recognized my phone number at work as the same exchange as her husband's work number, who incredibly in this company of 10,000 plus people works across the hall from me and we interact frequently!

I have a gift certificate from my frequent buyers points at a local quilt shop and it's starting to burn a whole in my wallet - so I think I may try to get over there soon and spend it on something for the stash! The challenge is spending ONLY the certificate! LOL.....

Mom has been calling and complaining about the cold down in Florida, so I have ordered some new velour outfits for her to be warm and comfy in. It's great to shop after the holidays and when seasons are changing in the stores, I scored some great deals at Coldwater Creek Outlet on-line and it will be hopefully a nice surprise for her when they arrive.

That's about all the news that's fit to print - more later!!

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