Friday, January 22, 2010

Working Hard and Hardly Working

I have been working very hard at work, and hardly working at all at home. Sometimes that's just how it is and we ride the wave until it levels back out again!

I love my work, it's great working for a company that really makes a difference in people's lives at a very personal level. We've gone through a lot of organizational changes in the past 6 months and we still have more change coming, but we are all trying to feed on the energy that comes with change and are motivated by the successes we have seen to date. So I am working hard and running on adrenalin a lot!!

At home not so much is getting accomplished, I think after the hectic end of year with guests and redecorating and shopping and more guests we are just tired! I did finish piecing the top for RMHC and will be quilting that this weekend so I can get it in the mail the first of the week - watch for a new posting next week with a picture!

I also pulled fabrics last night to make a baby blanket for a friend's daughter who is having her first baby and it will in fact be the first grandchild for my friend. Funny - this my friend's her first child and when she was born I sewed for her a funny yellow quilted bunting with a frog applique and I think I crocheted a baby blanket (but who can recall after all these years?) Her next three children I don't recall sewing for and when she had number 3 I was delivering Stephen so I was really busy with that! But now it's nice to think that I am sewing something for the next generation - it's kind of like a legacy. Which has me thinking maybe I need to just start making baby blankets and stacking them away for this next generation. I do want to make the quilt I promised to Stephen when he was 4 years old "for his baby" so whenever that happens it will be done, whether I am here or not.

For some reason I have been thinking about my mortality lately - maybe it's the persistent iron deficiency that they can't figure out, or maybe it's just old age and being tired - but I am dedicating myself in 2010 to improving my health and my home by unloading, de-stressing, and just simplifying. It's easier to do now that it's just Mark and I at home and we have a good start made - so I am looking forward to continuing.

Within the next few weeks Mark and I will be packing up everything in the living and dining rooms and consolidating all of the furniture to the center of the room to do scraping, skim coating, and repainting. We had some water damage last summer through a roof leak and with plaster walls and ceilings it caused the paint to lift. Which I guess is better than getting holes in the drywall, but it will be a mess for a while anyway! Of course I want to do a larger project while we're at it and replace our fireplace wall, but I will probably back off on that in exchange for getting what I want in the master bathroom this summer when we do the major remodel in there. I have hated that bathroom for 9+ years so this is a big year for us!!

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Thearica said...

I cant help but wonder about your iron deficiency.

My ex had the same thing that his doctors couldnt figure out. Come to find out there was something in his body attacking a lot of his red blood cells and killing them as they produced from his spleen. His father had the same thing. While he was younger his body could compensate and over-produce red blood cells to make up for this but the older he gets, he will occasionally have to have a blood transfusion like his father did.
Hope you feel better real soon!