Monday, January 4, 2010

Surprise quilt finished!!

Yes - I finally finished it this weekend and will be packing it away for a trip later this week. I wasn't thrilled with the quilt as I made it, each block was pretty, but it's not really 'my' colors, and when I put the blocks together it was 'okay'. It wasn't until I finished quilting it at 4:30 Sunday morning that I said -'wow - this works' and I love this quilt. I'll give more details when I post a picture next week (after reveal) and hopefully it's new owner will love it as much as I do.

Now my home is back to just Mark and I (and Merlin) and it seems very very quiet, but I really, really like it!! I love my family and friends and entertaining, but it had been just two weeks since Stephen moved out before the holiday started and I felt like we hadn't really transitioned into being empty nesters. I feel like now we can start on that next phase of our lives together. So... as I try to tell my husband last night how much I like just the two of us together, he tells me he doesn't! LOL - city boy - he's used to more hustle and bustle and constant noise. I held my tongue and didn't remind him the holiday was different for him than for me (gift shopping, food buying, food prepping, decorating, cleaning, etc etc) Maybe next year I'll let it be his turn altho he swears that somewhere in our wedding vows I agreed to doing all those things for him! Oh well - it's never boring.....

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