Monday, May 6, 2013

Doing Better!

So - Only a few days since my last post - over a weekend - and while I wish I had a picture to share I left my phone at home today - so pictures will wait until my next posting. 

The big weekend news is that our 60 year old Colorado Blue SPruce which towered over the neighborhood from our back yard is now gone.   It had lost almost all of it's needles since last fall and we are worried it may be a fungus that could spread to our other spruces - but after taking a piece of stem with dead and live needles to the nursery it may be drought related.    I am going to try to get an arborist out to give me guidance this week but hope we can save our other trees. 

So here is something I learned - when trimming branches from trees you should alwyas wipe the saw blade with alcohol between each branch - so if lower branches are sick you don't spread it!  AND especially if you trim from tree to tree!!  Good to know eh?

The tree came down in about 15 minutes - then an hour and a half later, the stump was gone, the trunk wood had been picked up by some neighbors, the branches were at the curb - other than a blank circle in the back yard you would never know there had been a giant tree there!  So sad.  Loved our tree guy - great prices great service - if you are in upper IL, lower WI call Kotierra Tree Service out of Winthrop Harbor. 

So with that done, we spent the rest of the weekend working on smaller gardening projects - planting containers in the front, putting in a new rose bush, general grooming.  The hostas are just peeking through the soil. the magnolia tree is shedding her beautiful flower petals and in a couple of weeks the pool will be open and on it's way to warming!  That's the first sign of our hope for a nice hot summer! 

Today is my nephew Freddie's 24th Birthday!!  Happy Birthday Freddie!!! Where did the years go?   

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