Friday, May 3, 2013

OMG!!! Two Years!

Can't believe it's been that long!  Well - yeah I can.... no excuses - life has been busy, between work, home and family it's a wonder I even recall my name some days!   But I am back!

Strangely enough, I probably stopped blogging much around the same time I stopped spending so much time in the quilting studio.  Most days I dream of stealing some time in there.  No longer do I get up and stay in jammies all day on Saturday or Sunday and just sew to my hearts content!  More often I am busy with something else - some house project or shopping, or cooking, or gardening and in the evenings I am just worn out! 

I did a lot of travel for work in the last 18 months - I went to Argentina, Peru, Mexico City, UK, Paris, Philadelphia a couple of times, Florida, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Quebec City, Lexington, KY and Boston, then we added a 3 week road trip at year end that took us from Illinois to North Carolina, down the East Coast to Port St Lucie, FL. down and over to Naples, then back up.  We were changing locations about every three days and drove almost 4,000 miles in 21 days.  We also shuttled 2 kids to 4 different airports on 4 different days!  I needed to come back to work to rest!!

I do love to travel and I enjoy meeting new people.  So it's not a hardship for me other than the rest of my work doesn't go away when I travel and I do know Mark did not marry me thinking I would be travelling so much!    This past year was a bit more extreme than usual (but it was fun!!)

Here's some great pictures I took in Paris - at least they were great for me!  I did find a little quilt shop in Saint Germain - Le Rouvray - and indulged in some wonderful fabric in fact I just picked up some coordinating fabrics last week at my new haunt in Elmhurst so maybe I'll get back in the studio some day soon.   Still researching designs.  Be back soon!  Toby

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