Friday, May 31, 2013

The weekend is back again!

I am just getting ready to start my weekend, the last few requests are walking in my door and once the flow of drive-bys stops I will head out the door.  I am usually the last one out of the office for my department, and sometimes even the last one out of the building but not tonight I hope!

So I thought since I spend so much time here I would showyou a picture of where I spend so much of my time ...

That's really only a partial view from the door.  But this is it!!  The quilted wallhanging I made a few years ago for my spare room, when Stephen moved out.  I moved in to the office shortly after he came back home I think, so I brought it in here. You can see a little frame on the left side - there are actually five of them - they are like shadowbox frames and in each is a 2' square of a favorite battik fabric.

The plant is a relic from the first Bosses Day I had after I cane to Hospira 8 years ago.  My SAP SQA team gifted me a basket with a few plants in it and this guy survived.  He loves my office and is spreading like crazy. 

What's reallly interesting is that the walls between my office and the ones on either side are metal.  So all of these items have to be hung with magnets!    I never knew magnets could be so expensive - but the more weight you want to support the higher the price tag goes!  I was fortunate to be magnet shopping for my frames just before Christmas and found very strong, very reasonably prices hooks made for hanging wreaths on metal doors.  They are a little funky and green - but they do a great job of holding my frames in place!  Also I travel frequently for work, so I started last year collecting magnets for each city or airport I travel to.  They help bring some interest to the place too!

well - my week is almost over - Hope you have some fun planned for the weekend- I know I will be sewing, we are epxecting a lot more rain! I have some quilts to work on so I'll be happy.  Hope you are too! 

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