Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How was your Memorial Day?

Mine was mostly wet.

So sad to have a 3 day weekend and it was rainy or looking like rain most of the time.  Cold too. 

So I did the best with it I could and hibernated in my basement - working on a new quilt. 

I am not thrilled with it so far - it's got a lot of ivory in it - lots of background - so I think I won't be sure until it is quilted with some colorful thread.  I'll post some pictures soon - right now it's only 2 rows wide - though all of teh blocks are done and borders are all planned. 

When I did come up for air or food or diet Coke, I did some small home chores and headed right back down to my lair.  Let's see Friday night I made a stop at Costco on my way home and picked up a rotisserie chicken then did several loads of laundry and vegged on the couch in front of the TV.

Saturday morning I cleaned the kitchen then made some orange creamsicle cupcakes.  Threw together a Caesar salad for dinner and washed and spun enough lettuce for Sunday too.   Headed back down and sewed and cut and sewed some more.  I cannot even remember what we did for dinner on Saturday - oops!!   I do recall I stayed up until 5:30 in the morning Sunday watching TV shows on Netflix.  (Yes, sometimes I act irresposibly,  especially about sleeping!)

Sunday I  ran some errands with Mark in the afternoon - primarily to Joann's for some Guterman's thread on sale and to pick up some Diet Coke!  Grabbed a late lunch  or was it early dinner at Panera. Then back to sewing and more TV.

Monday I sewed again, did more laundry, cleaned the kitchen. marinated pork tenderloins for dinner, and later cooked same tenderloins on the grill and served with cheddar broccoli rice (thank you Zatarains!)   Mid afternoon baking break for a batch of ginger crinkle cookies  - yummmy...

I did not get my basil plants in the containers outdoors as planned.  I did not get my hollyhock bulbs in the ground - I think they are probably dead by now or mushy from the rain exposure.  

We are expecting rain all week this week - so I guess those tasks will just get pushed out til next weekend - or not.  

Gotta go - home is calling!

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