Monday, May 20, 2013

Timber !!!

Here are some pics from my last posting.  The small trees along the back fence line are about 6 feet tall - so extrapolate that to the spruce and you can see what a loss this huge tree was!

In this next picture you can see the tree on the right which is a Norway Spruce on the back fence line and the CO Blue to the left of the one removed are both trimmed and thinning - in the two weeks since this picture was taken they are even more dead from the ground up.  We will be doing sterile trimming on the CO Blue to try to save it - but the Norway will come down in the next few weeks also.  If we don't contain this it can spread airborne to our other evergreens.  So far all of our front trees are unaffected.

Lots of work ahead for us!

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